Posted: December 1, 2014 in Updates/Gen. Info

So I said I would write a post about how I got into this whole thing.

Initially, I was going to write a long-winded post, but I am deciding to do a form of a Q&A instead.  It will just be easier to get the point across. I can publish a long winded “About” section shortly.

Q: Are you a guy or girl?

A:  Girl.

Q:  How did you get into comic books?

A:  The initial beginning didn’t start with comic books, actually.  It just started with Raimi’s Spider-Man.  I watched his Spider-Man movies (I think my parents introduced me to it), and I wasn’t that into it initially, but as I re-watched the first movie more and more the interest eventually started gaining momentum.  After that I lost interest again, and then someone told me to go see The Dark Knight… after that someone told me to watch Avengers and the Captain America movies, and here I am.

Q: Is Spider-Man still your favorite character now?

A: No.  He still holds a special place, but not my favorite.  Catwoman, Batman, Black Widow, and Captain America now hold that title in no particular order.  I’ll update it if I think of any more.

Q:  Anything that stood out once you realized the interest?

A:  Yeah.  I lost interest partly because it wasn’t totally socially acceptable for a girl to like comics then, and I wanted a girl superhero costume for Halloween *every year* and I looked *every year*.  I never found my girl superhero costume when I was a kid.  I wanted Catwoman, not Batman, or a Batman-turned-girl ripoff costume.  I wanted an original costume.  Not that I have anything against a female Darth Vader costume or Batwoman or the Batgirls – it just wasn’t my style. Yes, I want to cosplay as Catwoman and Black Widow.  And I love Peggy.

Q:  Huh.  No Superman or Wonder Woman?

A:  I like them, but they’re not my style of characters.  I have nothing against them, but I felt like Wonder Woman was my only option for a girl costume back then – it’s kinda stuck with me all this time.  I still think she’s very important, though.

Q:  Anything else you do in your spare time?

A:  I am a lover of all random things.  I keep fish tanks, forecast the weather as a hobbyist (ECMWF/GFS/NAM, CIN, Helicity, EHI, etc!!), have another blog I update sporadically that is philosophy/psychology/sociology related, moderate a Jurassic Park forum, draw, photography, create art with GIMP/Photoshop and Terragen (Terragen was featured in Man of Steel, it was like watching my child graduate kindergarten!  You’ve made it to the big screen, Terragen! NOTE:  I didn’t create Terragen the program or those renders, I just have used the program since the beginning).  I literally extend myself as much as I can, and the best part is when all of those interests meld together – because they do, sometimes.

Q: What do you read now (comic books)?

A:  I am playing catch up in comic history right now, but I’m getting started on the Black Widow series because I love her. I’ve read a variety of things all before, though, including Batman/Spidey/Green Lantern/X-Men/Avengers.. etc.  If you have a suggestion I am open to it, so don’t hesitate.

Q:  Anyone who helped you along the way?

A:  ComicUno gave me a push to actually get this movie review blog going (even though she suggested a YouTube channel and I am not brave enough), Mulder64329674 (I don’t know how he remembers all those numbers), and a few others without Twitter accounts.

Q:  Favorite movie?

A:  I hate these questions.. How about this, let me review, read, and you will find out because I am terribly indecisive..

Q:  Favorite villain ever?

A:  Depends if you count Catwoman as a villain.  Otherwise, tie between Magneto and Joker.  They are too different to possibly compare and pick just one, which I am not doing!  Honorable mention Ultron and Mr. Freeze.

Q:  Favorite franchise?

A:  I hold Jurassic Park fairly close, definitely X-Men despite their goofs.

Q: Favorite superhero movie?

A: The Dark Knight, Cap: The Winter Soldier. The Dark Knight helped re-ignite the interest.

Q: You want your own comic book published… who are your characters?

A:  In due time, young grasshopper. I have put so much work into them, just be patient for me!

Any other questions feel free to post in the comments.  Will be happy to answer!


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