Jurassic Park QA

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

So a lot of people know I am into dinosaurs and Jurassic Park.   Before the Star Wars guest post later today I am going to shed some light on it.

Q: what’s your favorite Jurassic park movie?
A: I know the JP nerds are going to be annoyed but The Lost World.
Q: what got you into Jurassic Park?
A: hmm.. probably owning this chasmosaurus toy and wondering what the hell that symbol meant on its leg.. and then I started to slowly piece it together.  Pretty sure I saw The Lost World before I saw Jurassic Park.

Q: favorite part of Jurassic Park?
A: rex breakout scene hands down.

Q: favorite part of the lost world?
A: definitely long grass raptor scene.

Q: favorite JP quote?
A: lunch box quote.   Google it.  It’s amazing.


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