Villain Spotlight: Poison Ivy.

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Spotlight

This post was actually inspired by a recent Twitter campaign to get Poison Ivy her own series/comic/etc.  It’s also inspired by Ivy in Batman: Hush.

She kinda blew me away.

Have to be honest, I never really paid attention to Poison Ivy. Not until Batman: Hush, where she really showed herself off. I never knew anything about her beginnings and quite frankly kind of didn’t like her. Now I just know she is very, very intense. Wow. She is, definitely, a force to be reckoned with. The idea that someone could use plants as weapons sounds really just utterly ridiculous. Photosynthesis! Photosynthesis!

Really, though, it’s a pretty modern idea. The media was losing their minds about Ebola because of the possibility of a terrorist utilizing it… Not that thousands of people were (and still are) dying currently. But you get the point. On her Wikipedia she is described as an eco terrorist. It’s a very modern thing. Batman himself is not exactly “modern” in his genesis (spandex?). He didn’t have all the expensive equipment back then partly because it didn’t exist. Ivy is a little more recent. It’s a shame she’s not used more often. Kinda wish she would be. I read up on her backstory and found it interesting since she was originally a quiet unsuspecting young girl getting seduced by another scientist.

Yet again such a modern idea.

If you paid any attention to recent news you know the world as a whole landed on a comet. You also know there was a freak out over the shirt of the man who did it despite his accomplishment. Regardless of my opinion on it or your opinion on it (really there is little reason to involve my opinion), it reminded me about a rather serious issue: that does happen in science. Poison Ivy is real, as evidenced by the reactions to that guy’s shirt. Like I said – I am leaving my opinion out here. I consider it too much of a hot button and frankly useless issue to bring up since its over and done with. Why piss people off if you don’t need to?

The fact isn’t the shirt. The fact is her genesis actually happens… Minus the whole terrorizing cities thing.

Also, I sort of agree with the Twitter campaign. She feels ignored.. at least to me. She’s not in suicide squad (movie). She isn’t very much in the spotlight.

Why don’t we change that? Do you like Ivy?

PS: A movie review is coming soon. I’m drowning in college papers.


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