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Finally here. A QA!

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

So my life is put back together.  At least a little bit.  I have decided to do a QA to get back into the groove – about my comic character I want to write a comic on.

Q:  So tell us something new.  What’s his name?
A:  Human name is Frank Faust.  Not getting his other name yet!

Q: What style will he have?  Detective, Adventure, Fun, etc?
A:  Detective but not in the traditional “all the pages are black” sense.  I want to move fast and witty. Think a more lighthearted Batman without emotional baggage.  I wish I could describe it better… think Batman meets the Avengers meets.. Suicide Squad.. meets… Black Widow?

Q:  You lost me.
A:  Understandable.  I can’t describe him because he is original (not to brag…).

Q:  When will we get our first taste of him?
A:  Soon, actually.  I have an assignment in my writing class… Maybe I’ll let you see.

Q: Costume?
A:  Modern yet simple.  Much like his conflicting similarities mentioned between those characters/groups, he has both light and dark colors to him.