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I have missed too much.  I am very open with my life on this blog – unlike most bloggers.  I don’t actually like being in the spotlight.  I’m trying to get my momentum back, desperately.  Unfortunately, it has been decided I need to let some things go (no this blog isn’t closing).  I do too many things for one person to handle, and they’re not necessarily hobbies.  They’re just the everyday bullshit you always do.  I take care of a sickly cat, my sister’s dog (yeah, really), do the foodshopping, do some of the cooking, help my grandparents, will be working 2 or 3 jobs and volunteering, and handle whatever bullshit is thrown my way (like two weeks ago, when my dad was taken to the hospital).  I go to college and have a sleep schedule that would make you wonder if I’m actually human.  I have not been to the gym in weeks, I am investing in a 300 dollar filter so my fish tank water changes can be less time consuming (even the fish are taking a hit), and I haven’t picked up a pencil or camera (I used to draw and do photography for hobbies) for months, if not years. Typing here is my release.  Even if I don’t directly mention my cat shitting, vomiting, and pissing on the floor in one day (I hope you’re not eating, I am sorry) I can be enraged over, say, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and channel it all there.  But no.  Even that luxury has left me.

So in response, I’m cutting things out to get this blog done because I enjoy it (downtime is still a thing, right?), and maybe have half of a normal life.

In other words, I’m letting you know it’s not just you (here I go again, making it sound like I’m dating my blog).  Luckily, my school schedule next semester is less “what the fuck” all over the place.  It does not push me to my limit – because until this semester, I was doing great.  I updated Mon/Wed/Fri or Sat, and kept the momentum.  I didn’t get pushed to my fucking limit.  I am at my limit, physically. I get home at 11 PM and need to be up at 7 AM, and get up at 7 AM the day before the 11 PM day.  Three more weeks, followers.  Please bear with me.  Assuming I am still alive (I kid).

So I mean, just because I’ve been quiet doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to say.

Talking about Ultron would be stupid, because I can see it in 4 days and stay up 24 hours to talk about it, since I have so much other shit to do.

I don’t know where to start.  I feel like a time traveler.

I’ll begin in the next post (as in, being published now, so I can collect my thought better).


Another character QA.

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

So I decided to release another one of these.  This time I’m actually giving you some information!

Q: where have you been?
A: I have been sick for the last three weeks. I’ve been on steroids, sudafed, mucinex, NSAIDs, albuterol, benadryl.  You name it I’ve taken it.   How my kidneys are still here I dont know. How I am not dead is even more of a wonder.

Q: so you’re not just being lazy.
A: not even close.  There was a day I was awake for around 36 hours.

Q: So this character.
A: I’ve already mentioned Orwell is a big inspiration.

Q: so what does he do? Defend a city? State? Country? world?
A: I have thought heavily about this.  The fact is, he doesn’t fit into one category.  I think the character falls into that sort of thing.  I think to decide that prematurely and stick to it you need to have a reallly good handle on what  the fuck you’re doing.  It’s sort of like naming a story before you’ve written it.  It’s a strange concept to me.  The fact is I intended on him defending a city, and he will primarily defend a city, but the world is his playground if you will.

Q: give us a name.
A: Mailroom.

Q: strange name isn’t it?
A: well yes and no.  It came to me one day walking my paper routes (major hint right here).  The mailroom is where it all happens.  Where the packages are sent and delivered.  Where the tedious organization happens.  where all the unknown workers are, but without them, it wouldn’t happen.  You wouldn’t get your package.  The service wouldn’t deliver. The mailroom is like that really mystical place that nobody knows, too.  You go to places and it’s like, where’s the mailroom? was it even delivered? how do we find the mailroom?  It’s just this place full of production and enigma dashed away into an unknown part of the process.  Stuck away in some unknown part of the world it happens to be in or serve.

Q: it’s still a weird name.
A: yes I’m aware. He rocks though.

Q: so… How does an unknown part of freaking FedEx relate to… Superheroes?
A: more than you think.  He’s a combination of the things that surround us.  He is a mainfestation of the bombardment of media we get combined with the traditional idea of old school media.  Before the days of or Fox television, we had newspapers.  Magazines.  In other words he’s probably the only superhero who has a Facebook account and a cell phone while remaining completely under your nose.

Q: so he’s very public?
A: anything but.  He’s very much an enigma, and it’s a huge part of his story and a plotline I’m working on.  You see Wolf Blitzer analyzing like, one word Obama said that one time 8 years ago in that really obscure speech in some random state.  Just apply that logic to MR. They know who he is.  They are curious about him.  He even does a very public job as his alter ego so he is directly under their nose.  But he won’t tell them.  Not a thing. It doesn’t help the federal government doesn’t like him much.

Q: why the feds?
A: he’s an anti hero.  Anti hero things, bro.

Mind. He is copyrighted. Officially. No stealing.