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I’m not even home as I’m typing this.  I miss my blog.  I miss comics, trailers, and comic book movies.  I miss writing reviews into oblivion.  I’m taking an unusual stance today.  I am taking an unusual stance, slightly political in nature, right now, on this blog.

I miss blogging.  I miss my hobbies.

I am now pronouncing myself a pissed off millennial.  This may spawn it’s own blog, assuming I have time to write at all.

I don’t do my blog or my hobbies anymore.  The reason for that is the Millennial generation has been the constantly screwed generation.  We are in college, treated as customers, getting ourselves into debt and working ourselves until the point of exhaustion.  Virtually everyone college aged I know is in debt.  Everyone spewed the follow your dreams crap at us until we discovered Google and realized the unemployment rate for that career is 25 percent.  Everyone spewed the do what you love crap until they realized they’d have to virtually give up their lives to fulfill a career dream.

I love blogging.  But the fact is, I don’t review anymore because I am a pissed off millennial.  I don’t review anymore because I am a millennial paying for college and having a night job (and a day job, other than college).  I don’t review anymore because I’m perpetually stressed out trying to pick a job I like and can make a living wage with, or just picking a back up plan.  I’m stressed out. 

Other generations call us the crybaby generation.  But our generation has been screwed over numerous times.  We aren’t entitled, we’re busting our butts to get what we want.  We need a day job, college, and that hobby that-might-become-a-career we hope.

I’m not complaining about not getting the job I want or having to work at it.  However, how can you begin to work hard at something when so many other areas of your life are in near constant pull?  I can’t sit down and write a review anymore, I need to do something else.  “i need” is the only constant in my life.  I need to do something. 

We got in debt to maybe get a job we might like while giving up our hobbies and our relationships in the process.  Friends are a luxury, not a commodity.

Someone, please tell me, there’s something wrong with this picture.  We aren’t the spoiled generation.  We are the Screwed Generation.

And that’s why you don’t see my blog posts anymore.