The fuck happened?

Posted: January 30, 2017 in Updates/Gen. Info

It has been significantly longer than I’d care to admit to with this blog.  I still love this blog.  I think about this blog a lot.  It’s shitty to not have the time.

So, where have I been?

To the few loyal people who have stuck around – I thank you.  To the new followers – I thank you even more, because I am basically the WordPress blog version of Batman, except way less cooler and definitely not as famous, and you still came on board anyway.  I thank you for seeing my potential even when, in my opinion, my potential has been dead in the water, floating like a lifeless body. That’s oddly graphic, I apologize.

I always give explanation as to where I’ve been, though.  So, where have I been?

Busting my ass.

I hate to say that, because you wouldn’t think so.  You truly would not, because this blog is dead, and I hate myself for it (I mean, I don’t actually, but you get it).  It sucks this is not something I’ve made time for.  Please bear in mind, I have barely ate or slept the last six months.  Aside from the usual health problems, I took 21 credits and worked three jobs, one of which was seasonal.  21 credits.  three jobs.  Maybe a meal if I’m lucky.  A few hours of sleep at best.  I’m hoping to jump back into it now because I’m taking a paltry 16 credits.  I’m not happy.  I need to re-find my footing. I still want to publish my own creations.  I still want this blog to be the absolute biggest it can be.


But, two degrees will do that to you.


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