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Batman: Hush.

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Comic Reviews
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So this is my first comic book review.  A bit late in the day, but good nonetheless I hope for you!

So a little story for you first.

This is the first comic book I am reviewing.  I have been hesitant and this is going to be shorter than my normal reviews because it’s my first.  But, you can expect a movie review tomorrow because I didn’t publish Sunday and I published late today.  A treat.  I haven’t decided on the movie…

Regardless, here it goes:

I read “Batman: Hush” in one shot.  I read like 150 pages a night, so, I sort of quadrupled up what is considered normal.  And as this is the first comic book I am reviewing, I purposely made it so that this would be the first book I review.


I had always known about Hush, and I always liked it for one reason:  The dynamic between Batman and Catwoman.  To me, there is no better book that embodies that dynamic.  We see their ups and downs in this book alone without even needing to get into other books to see how complicated it is.  I love them as a couple, so, naturally, I freaked out when I saw them getting all cutesy together.  I just think they’re one of the greatest couples of DC, partly because of how evasive they both are.  Catwoman sort of flips and flops what she wants from Batman and if she’s interested, and then if she doesn’t she doesn’t make it too easy.  Batman is a pile of paranoia, distrust and pessimism (sidenote:  I still love Batman).  So seeing these two hit it off throughout the entire book?  I couldn’t.  I also enjoyed seeing some tension between Talia and Catwoman because of Batman and Batman finally being a little bit vulnerable.  He is protecting Catwoman. The other thing I enjoyed was seeing some tension – I don’t know if people reading read Hush (trying to keep this spoiler free) but Robin and Catwoman – hilarious.

The book definitely kept me interested for reading 150 pages a pop.  I am the type to get bored easily:  I automatically know if a movie has too long of a fight scene if I am starting to count how many tiles the ceiling has.  I never once lost interest.  In fact, the occasional confusion enhanced the book.  It was like, wait, Tommy who?  Who the hell is Tommy?  Even more surprising, Batman had a childhood friend? (No, seriously).

And I loved that.  It managed to incorporate a lot of the cornerstone villains of Batman, and some not so commonly heard ones (I knew of Killer Croc, but, I never knew he was that hideous).

Seriously, though, I expected this guy.

We see Joker, the Riddler, Poison Ivy (couldn’t deal with those scenes, I could not), and some other ones are evading me.  Poison Ivy just proved to me how powerful she really is, I have to say.  She’s tough.. she got Superman under her control.  She was intense. I liked seeing them work together in the end, and with the upcoming Batman V. Superman movie I couldn’t help but be a little pleased I saw them work together.  We see Batman shit himself as he realizes he needs to fight Superman, as well.

We jump to conclusions, we think we know what is happening, but then it’s turned on us all.

I love good detective work.  I love a good detective story.  And it managed to wrap around all the villains, courtesy of the fantabulous writing done by Jeph Loeb.  The only thing I took issue with a little bit was the Robin part, but, I mean, I guess it worked.  I’m not particularly a fan of bringing back the dead in a zombie esque manner, but it needed to be done right and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it was.  It’s paced quickly, but I think I would’ve gotten bored if it wasn’t.  I kept just flipping the pages eager to know what the hell was going on, exactly.  The only time that really stopped was when Robin showed up, and I was like… alright, guys, this is such a gimmick.. Seriously, you couldn’t think of anything else?

I was surprised in the end, though.

But okay, it worked.  I can’t rag it too much because I enjoyed Hush, a lot, and some of that is because of Jim Lee’s artwork.  Jim Lee is my drawing idol.  I love the way he draws.  I can only dream of drawing how he does, even if I am practicing as much as I can.  (Sidenote: all the characters I own I have drawn).  So I sort of love his art style even if he does sometimes go a little overboard with the muscles.

Overall, I mean, I feel like this is so short in comparison to my movie reviews, especially for reading the entire thing.  But I don’t exactly feel as though there’s too much to say yet – this is my first review, and I’ll obviously get better as times goes on.  I loved the story, I loved the wrap around, and they even managed to get the ridiculous things to work.  I liked seeing all the characters’ dynamics and pasts develop.  It gave me an understanding of Batman I haven’t yet had, mostly because it shows everyone’s relationships with everyone else and their individual personalities perfectly.

I also own this.

Just so you know how much I love them.

The villains fit their respective profiles, Batman was different and the same, the story and art amazing, and we see dynamics between characters not seen very often or see those dynamics get developed: What’s not to love?