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Whenever I can get to writing a blog post next, presumably likely Sunday, I am happy to report I’ve picked a direction.  As previously mentioned in another post, I love science.  Just reviewing movies has become a bit dry in the end. So on Sunday the new direction begins so to speak.  I’ve decided to harness my love of science and my most popular posts to date.  My most popular posts – surprise surprise – are usually analytical ones.  Ones like superheroes and the political climate. Ones like the Psychology of Superheroes.  Another big one is Let’s Talk About Christine.
I still will review a movie.  But the better part of the blog post will likely focus on science and representation, and how the movie itself adapted to or against that science.  Overall it will still be a solid, traditional review, and then I’ll hop into my favorite subject.  Others will focus on political and/or gender roles. Both of those will take on a more analytical perspective.

Feel free to let me know thoughts or suggestions.  I’m happy to be genuinely excited about this.